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RE: Incorporate the START with the language chosen

Good point Jeff and thank you for the reply, it’s so seldom I get one. 


If it is a question of what ifs, then what does the phone caller do when asked to touch “1” for English and “2” for another language and the caller touches the wrong number?


What do you do when using a conventional phone and you touch the wrong digit in a sequence?


This RCR is based strictly from observation demonstrating a multi language (English and French) R6, generally to election officials and watching them touch the language label and expecting something to start. 


The language labels are quite large and it is possible to touch by mistake, not probable though IMHO.




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What if you touched Japanese by mistake and the AVTS went directly to the ballot in Japanese???  There is no way of going back to the main screen, only if you go all the way to the end of the ballot, and do a cancel, then make a new Voter Card and start the process all over.



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Currently the voter will touch the language of their choice on the BS and expect a response.  When nothing happens, they start searching and discover the START label at the bottom of the screen. 


The person demonstrating the BS will probably tell the voter to touch the START key at the bottom.  I have watched this hundreds of times and often wondered if the START process could be incorporated into the language selection label.


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