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RE: Ballots cast at top of AVOS report

I believe this is vice-versa or maybe just semantics.  The objective is to have the ballot cast line printed near the (what I call) bottom of the tape, near the signature lines, so that during canvass the person only unrolls a few inches of the printout vs. many feet of the printout, which requires them to roll it back up.  Hope that doesn't confuse things more.
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Subject: Ballots cast at top of AVOS report

From Fresno and rest of Ca counties  
Also, another outstanding  item is where the "ballots cast" words appear on the print-out tape on the  Accu-Votes.  Currently they appear at the bottom of the tape, but it would
be more helpful in the canvass if that item was near the top of the tape (an abo file?).
what is status of this ?