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Re: New Generation AccuVote - AT Improvements

Its three years and four iterations.  Development started Mar 1996 at the latest.  The first product was the IMARK Kiosk (the company we bought so we wouldn't have to develop a touch screen DRE ourselves).
It is also interesting to note that we are now on our third development team.  (1) Goetzinger/Becom, (2) Dunhill/Rivera, and now (3) Clark/Iredale/Lee
Time will tell whether our team will do better.  For the record, our team started serious development in January.
I'm wouldn't say that one team is better than the other.  What everybody did in the past was to the best of their abilities with the time, resources, and corporate guidance made available to them.  Each successive team has had the experience of the previous team to teach them the mistakes not to make again.  Consider the development stages as a cooperative effort to get to the end result, a product we can all agree is the best on the market for our customer.
We're all on the same team.