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FW: Phones


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Skip and I have had problems with our phone and power cords also. However, there is a Sprint PCS retail store not far from my house and they exchanged our old phones and power cords for new ones - on the spot at no charge.  As far as area usage is concerned, Sprint PCS does not have digital service in large portions of the South East and they have no analog roaming agreements in many of these blank areas.  Also, when in analog roaming mode, the phones lose many of their features.  I like the Sprint PCS phone and concept.  However, if I am out of range the phone is obviously no good to me until I return to a Sprint service area.  Therefore, it follows that our current cell phone communications problem can only be solved by Sprint.  I think that they are building more towers and opening more areas.  The questions we might ask include - how many years will it take Sprint to develop a digital network to meet our current needs, and do the perceived savings in phone charges justify the wait.  If not, then maybe we need to look for another national service provider that can meet our current needs, or as Steve suggested, look for a regional solution.