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Re: Minolta Printer Problem at Shelby Co.

To All:
The printer being tested (not sold) in Shelby is a model that is no longer being produced by Minolta.  We have to move up to the next model.  It's a slightly different beast.  We have to continue our testing with this new model.  The testing won't be able to start until late next week.  Election support projects could delay the testing further. 
>Please let us sales folks know the end result on this ballot on demand
>printer issue.  I've got two customers I've been holding off who both want
>ballot on demand. 
You will be informed when the results from all testing have been evaluated.
Are these nits, and the system works pretty good, or do
>we still have major issues to work out??
Preliminary testing with the older model looks good (a few hundred ballots), but we haven't applied any real world numbers to it or its brother yet.  Jeff Hintz is going to be responsible for conducting a test on the newer model (approx. 5000 or more ballots) to determine the consistency of registration, toner bonding, image scaling, etc.  The results of that testing and other tests have to be examined and evaluated before this product can be released to marketing.  The system could have some major problems that our limited testing to date has not yet discovered.
Better we find those problems on the bench, than our customers find them in the field on election day.
>Do any of the sales people have any input on whether this is soup yet?
This is not a custom product that Global is engineering, so there is nothing we can do (or want to do) to change the off-the-shelf product.  It either works for our application or it doesn't work.  We just want to be sure this one at least works first, before we jump up and down claiming victory over BOD.