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Travel Itineraries

Please forward to me, no later than  8/6/01, close of business, all Travel itineraries through 10/26/01.
Will require ;
 County travelling to / reason
Driving/Airfare, etc
Where that county is in Capture process  ( see attached )
 any pertinant info
An example would be;
9/17...Lorain County , OH........Air
Following up with leasing discussions.
Capture Plan  3
9/18...Frankin County, OH.....Driving
Absentee system discussions
Capture Plan  2
Still having difficulty with CMIS
It is imperative that we manage and coordinate our time appropriately and effectively during these critical 45 days.
Any questions or concerns, please contact me. 

Brian J O'Connor
Executive Vice President
Global Election Systems
525-K East Market St. #294
Leesburg, VA 20136


Capture Plan Capture Plan Process.doc