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GEMS-1-15-1-2 testing release

GEMS-1-15-1-2 testing release is ready. The password is:
GEMS-1-15-1-2.zip                1kt4hfhsve6s1


                     Full face candidate layout.
                     New draw flags left, right, top, bottom, cand horiz line ext, cand vert file, full grid.
                     Vertical oval justification.
                     Option to not display write in line.
                     Landscape ballots.
                     Header candidates.
                     Candidate report order seperated from ballot artwork order.
                     SOVC certification page.
                     Oval margin rule now applies to all candidate columns of a race.  Results in artwork that is incompatible with previous releases when using multiple candidate columns.
                     Candidate box shift left and right.
                     Supplemental staight party tally rule.