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Accu-Vote release 1.94x

  After almost a year, it's time for an update.  AV-OS-PC 1.94x is a general upgrade which brings a number of new features and fixes.  The details are in the attached release notes.

  I would rather avoid it but someone will probably want a 1.94f equivalent of this.  If you can, wait for 1.94x to prove itself in the field before requesting the "f" version.  Whatever the case, post your "required-by" date to support and we'll take care of it.

  Testing hasn't been extensive but neither have the changes.  I would recommend though that people hold off upgrading until those that need the new version have run it through its paces.


Title: Accu-Vote Release 1.94x
Accu-Vote 2000 - Release 1.94x
Revised February 14, 2000


A general upgrade to provide new functionality and some fixes.


The 1.94x release of the Accu-Vote firmware is based on the 1.94w release. The precinct count upload protocol remains compatible with all 1.9 VTS versions. The precinct count download protocol and the memory cards are compatible with previous 1.94 releases.

All Releases

Precinct Counter (PC) Release Cambridge Preference (CP) Release Versions
  • (AE PC Rel 1.94x) Precinct Counter American English Release 1.94x with checksums A:5EC6 and B:C200 dated 00-2-14.
  • (AE PC Rel 1.94x) Precinct Counter American English Release 1.94x on a 128K ROM with checksum F08E dated 00-2-14.
  • (AE CP Rel 1.94x) Cambridge Preference American English Release 1.94x with checksums A:CC7E and B:980C dated 99-9-28.
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