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Accu-Vote Release 1.95e

  AVOS Precinct Count 1.95e has been released.  This is mostly to meet Minnesota requirements for handling absentee ballots at the polls.  Note that 1.95 memory cards are not compatible with 1.94 memory cards.

  Order your copies from the order desk in McKinney.


Title: Accu-Vote Release 1.95e
Accu-Vote 2000 - Release 1.95e
Revised April 26, 2000


To support counting absentee ballots at the polls while the polls are open.


The 1.95e release of the Accu-Vote firmware is based on the 1.95d release. The precinct count upload protocol remains compatible with all 1.9x VTS versions. The precinct count download protocol and the memory cards remain compatible with release 1.95d.  New features require a recent release of GEMS.

Precinct Counter (PC) Release

  • (AE PC 1.95e 128K) Precinct Counter American English Release 1.95e 128K with checksum 4099 dated 00-4-26.
  • (AE PC 1.95e 64K) Precinct Counter American English Release 1.95e 64K with checksums A:9A47 B:5AD5 dated 00-4-26.
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