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Accu-Vote Beta Release 1.94y

  I'm issuing a beta release of the 1.94y firmware and I encourage all interested parties to give it a try before we make a general release.  You can order your copies from the order desk in McKinney (or Vancouver for Canadian shipments).  The release notes are attached.

  Probably the most important thing is that this fixes the modem detection bug in 1.94x so that the features in that release will be available.  There is currently no date set for a general release so we have some time to try it before we buy it.  When testing, we need to check:

  If you feel that you need something in this release let me know and we'll work out a release date.  And, as always, keep us informed using the support and bugtrack lists of tests that you've run so that we can get a feel for how stable this is.  Beta releases are tracked by date and checksum so please refer to those in your reports.



Title: Accu-Vote Release 1.94y
Accu-Vote Optical Scanner - Beta Release 1.94y
Revised May 18, 2000


To fix some bugs and support counting absentee ballots at the polls while the polls are open.


The 1.94y release of the Accu-Vote firmware is based on the 1.94x release. The precinct count upload protocol remains compatible with all 1.9 VTS versions. The precinct count download protocol and the memory cards are compatible with previous 1.94 releases.

All Releases

Precinct Counter (PC) Release

Also in the 1.95e release:

New for 1.94f: Versions
  • (AV-OS-PC-AE Beta Rel 1.94y) Precinct Counter American English Beta Release 1.94y with checksums A:DC4C and B:B4DD dated 00-05-18.
  • (AV-OS-PC-AE Beta Rel 1.94y) Precinct Counter American English Beta Release 1.94y on a 128K ROM with checksum 9564 dated 00-05-18.
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