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GEMS-1-16-8 is ready. The password is:
GEMS-1-16-8.zip         tv12bbs51d1sd

1.16.8     Jul-21-00

                     Fixed problem with Summary Report race positioning for columns > 1.
                     Adjusted SOVC/Summary Dlg to not truncate text.
                     Added multiple selections in card/ballot editor.
                     Fixed rounding problems with multiple resize.
                     Fixed bug in BOD when identifier marks were not printed correctly.
                     Fixed problem with separate ovals not printing.
                     Changed oval surrounding background back to white.
                     Fix problem in CardElements that did not account for box shift.
                     Modified list control window style to allow multiple selection.
                     Fixed bug in BallotEditorWnd  when cutting races or headers from a ballot.
                     Renamed "Pct Ids" label in countergroup dialog to "Print Pct/Seq Ids"
                     Added wait cursor when loading most dialogs.