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GEMS-1-18-1and GEMS-1-18-1 InstallPack are ready. The passwords are:
GEMS-1-18-1.zip     ma7gnsdyrswpn    
GEMSIS-1-18-1.zip  ml3ealpqag2xi
TSText-1-18-1.zip     yzdhamjcmbzvu
  • Add new “Weighted” race type.
  • Add functionality to save reports settings in SOVC and Summary Reports.
  • Break results by counter groups in SOVC report.
  • Add support for 17 inch long ballots. Required 1.96 AVOS firmware.
  • Add report that shows RTF Data as it appears on a ballot.
  • Fixed problem when single line RTF data did not show up on the ballot.
  • Fixed bug when not all the records show up in Print BOD dialog.
  • Fixed problem in Card Cast Report that truncated some titles.
  • Fixed problem with databases upgrade from 1-12 or earlier not being able to save race or candidate changes.
  • Fixed problem with infinite loop in generating download data for AV-OS where candidate type is label only.
If you want just to upgrade GEMS.exe without using InstallPack, please upgrade TSText as well. To upgrade TSText extract all the files from TSText-1-18-1.zip into GEMS directory.
Extensive testing needs to be done to find out how stable the release is, so please use bugtrack and rcr lists to let us know if there is any problems.