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GEMS-1-11-14 is ready. The password is:
GEMS-1-11-14.zip   1mbdfpettgrrg

1.11.14  Mar-30-01

  • Fixes problem in race editor where no candidate 'selected' cause an internal error when the edit rtf button is used.
  • Remove 'add' function from CDBListview.
  • Fix internal error when a race change causes ballot mods, the user declines modify ballot warning, and then applies change again.
  • Pop up "Ballot No Longer Exists" message box when a user opens a ballot that no longer exists, but is still in the list/tree views.
  • Add file name, line number, and compilation date to internal error messages.
  • Fix bug where rapidly hitting cancel twice in the Program Memory Cards dialog with open ports causes an internal error.
  • Fix problem where the 'Add' and 'Delete' functions for the Tree & List views where
    enable when not set for election rather than set for election.