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GEMS-1-18-5 is on ftp site. The password is:
GEMS-1-18-5.zip    ancbnab21acma
  • Do not reconcile candidate totals with the total counted for weighted races in Manual Entry.
  • Display candidate totals and totals with two decimal places in Summary and SOVC.
  • Make Summary report "Registered Voters" and "Cards Cast" captions Locale.ini entries.
  • Fix crash when load a database.
  • Fix bug when download fail when convert RTF data.
  • Do not show Description field in ReportingSet dialog.
  • Add new Challenge vote center type and support it in the ChallengeBoardDlg.
  • Remove "2.0" entry from Version combobox of the Accuvote-OS property dialog.
  • Fix problem when JResultClient server did not format data properly..
  • Fix problem with SelectVCenterDlg to allow passing of the default type of Vcenter to display.
  • Support download  upload cross endors candidates.
  • Add log entry for posting of manual results.
  • Fix problem with wrong time being stored in the audit log