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Ballot Station 4-1-2 for Windows CE and Windows NT are ready. The passwords are:
BallotStationNT-4-1-2-0.zip   nabdumhnot5bc
BallotStationCE-4-1-2-0.zip   5mvmnjlko2nba   

  • Fix problem with not selecting the correct page when the user selects a race in cast votes screen.
  • Fix problem with label only candidates causing votes to be recorded incorrectly.
  • Fix problem with with printing audit log when printer is not on line.
  • Support straight party voting, recalled, and shadow races in VIBS.
  • Fixed bug when Next button shows momentarily when pressing Cast button.
  • Fixed multiple upload failure.
  • Change error messages in transfer dialog to properly reflect status of the upload.
  • Fix problem with races that span more than one page.
  • Support playing of headers and label candidates.
  • Add ability to access VIBS ballots from the "View Ballots" module.
  • Fix bug in language selection dialog where audio was not correctly played for each language.
  • Fix problem with determining ETA when range is very large.
  • Fix problem with downloading large databases (> ~22MB).
  • Fix spin control in create smart card screen to increment challenged Id on up and decrement on down.
  • This is to fix the error "Failed to create directory ..." when loading a different election onto a system.
  • Fix the problem where the admin card is removed during printing or in post election mode causing the action to be aborted.
  • Add checking for minimum storage space free before allowing a ballot to be cast.
  • Disable task bar by default and add abiltiy to enable it in setup.
  • Support the number keys above QWERTY in VIBS.
  • Add logging for key events.
  • Add support for races that span pages.
  • Highlight and play headers in VIBS.
  • Add support for 8/2 forward/back race in VIBS.
  • Add warning when undervoting race in VIBS.
  • Add support to skip unvotable candidates.
  • Add support for races with no candidates in VIBS.
  • Add support for open primary ballots in VIBS.
  • Continue audio playback when no audio is recorded for race/candidate/party.
  • Add support for label only (header) candidates in VIBS.