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Ballot Station 4-1-3

 Ballot Station 4-1-3 for Windows CE and Windows NT are ready. The passwords are:
BS_CE-4-1-3-0.zip       lqbdujhnatqbc
BS_NT-4-1-3-0.zip        nchd0mhnqbrbk     

  • Fix problem that could allow the system not to detect a card inserted.
  • Add ability to Calibrate touch screen in setup dialog.
  • Remove the Enable Taskbar from the Setup Dlg.
  • Fix problem when preview ballots fails.
  • Fixed bug when Prev button shows on first page of the ballot.
  • Accept either keypad or qwerty number keys when selecting languages and voter groups.
  • Fix bug where write-in text would not revert to the original loaded text.
  • Fix bug when Instruction and Summary screens appear when hiding ballot option is checked