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GEMS-1-17-18 is ready. The password is:
GEMS-1-17-18.zip   mkcvnbsa1d5sb


  • Disable Reset election menu item if Upload, central count, or results server is running.
  • Fix problem in Manual Entry when Times Counted entered under the Cards tab did not apply to the first race in the Race tab.
  • Disable horizontal scroll bar in the Race grid of the Manual Entry, also increase Manual Entry dialog width.
  • Add new "Challenge" VCenter type and support it in the Challenge dialog.
  • Fix problem in Manual Entry when cards times counted did not show up for the VCenter of type AccuTouch.
  • Fix problem when closing sub tree and then selecting different tab in list view causes internal error.
  • Fix problem printing AVTS ballots with multiple write-ins in ballot audit dialog.