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GEMSIS-1-18-8-1 fixes Windows Reboot problem

Previous versions of GEMSIS package may have the following problem:

The package installs MDAC prior to GEMS.  After rebooting from MDAC
installation, the InstallShield script will prompt for MDAC installation
and/or rebooting again.

1. Selecting "Reboot at a later time."
2. When asking to uninstall previous version of GEMS, choose "No".
3. When asking to install GEMS, choose "No" or "Exit Setup".
4. The installation process should quit.
5. Click the Start button on the taskbar, and select "Run".  Type in
"regedit" and press "OK".
6. Navigate to
7. Delete Key with name "InstallShieldDelOnReboot".
8. Run GEMSIS-1-18-8-1.

Note the versions of GEMS and all its components are identical between
GEMSIS-1-18-8 and GEMSIS-1-18-8-1.  Only the InstallShield script is
modified to fix the above problem.

GEMSIS-1-18-8-1        "2amcnabw2apln"