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Ballot Station 4-3-3

Ballot Station 4-3-3 for Windows CE and Windows NT are ready. The passwords are:
BS_CE-4-3-3-0.zip       ntbwbkcs5mlfe
BS_NT-4-3-3-0.zip       a2bnujmbot3zy  

  • Fixed problem with the Create Card button in the Create Voter Card screen. The Create Card button remained disabled if only one Voter Group was present for a selected precinct in Party list.
  • Write-ins are now excluded from the “Running” tally on the Election Total report.
  • The “Vote Recorded” screen no longer appears after viewing a ballot from the Ballot List in Count Test mode.
  • Fixed problem with pre-election Zero Total reports. No candidate names were printed in pre-election Zero Total reports when the Show Cross Endorsement Once option was selected in the Results Reporting dialog.
  • Fixed problem that resulted in incorrect election totals in the Election Totals report. Problem occurred when printing the Election Totals report with the Show Cross Endorsement Once option selected in the Results Reporting dialog.
  • Voter Group Tag labels are now included in the information provided in the ballot data displayed in the Ballot Results window.
  • Fixed problem that occurred with Straight Party votable Recalled races. The Straight Party selection did not effect the selection of a Recalled race candidate, even if a positive response had been selected in the controlling Recall race.
  • Fixed problem with Supervisor Functions button in Pre-Election Testing Mode. Pressing the Supervisor button in Pre-Election Testing Mode now automatically displays the Card Manager insertion prompt.
  • Fixed problem that caused Ballot Station to remain in LOAD state when loading a ballot.
  • Replaced Global logo with Diebold logo in the “Insert Card to Start” screen.

Merged from 4.1.11 Released Mar 15, 2002

  • Disable MachineSN if it is greater than 1

Merged from Released Jan 24 2002

  • Fix crash in write-in dialog when pressing number keys on QWERTY keyboard
  • Start at the beginning of the ballot when reviewing the ballot in VIBS mode.
  • Use 9 key to confirm write-in entry, instead of 5.