ELM - Electronic Mail for UNIX

This site is meant to be a repository for information about elm, the mail user agent for unix. Please send any suggestions of content to be added or places to be linked to webmaster@instinct.org.

Sadly, most of the information about elm on the internet is badly out of date.* The program is still being slowly developed, and the release (March 24, 1999) of elm 2.5 is promising. Under the section "Other pages about elm", I could only find one page that wasn't out of date, and this was just a list of patches for elm 2.4ME+ with the source code for elm 2.5. Therefore, I'm only going to list places that I know are up to date (this machine mirrors the main site automatically - let me know if you know of any other sites that do this). The best thing you can do is read the documentation.

*Yes, I am aware of the irony that this page could itself be considered out of date; however, nothing much has changed since it was written. Please feel free to mail any suggestions, corrections, additions, updates, or criticism you might have.

Please note that although this is meant to be a resource for elm users, I have had no personal involvement in the development of elm. Questions about configuration issues should be directed to the newsgroup comp.mail.elm. The current maintainer of elm is Bill Pemberton.

Mutt is a popular alternative now, that you might like to check out.

Update 06th Jan 2000: elm 2.4 is not Y2K compliant.

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Where to download elm from:



Have a look in the files directory for a listing of everything on this site. The main files should be updated automatically.

Elm documentation:

A plain text version of the Elm documenation is available on this site:

You can download a tarball of the above files:

There is a local copy of the Elm FAQ:

It is, however, seriously out of date - the last time it was updated was 7th February 1996!

Other web pages to do with elm:

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