Alternate Views of the Jargon File

Lots of people have used the Jargon File as a test case for different kinds of search and retrieval engines. Here are all the different ways of viewing it that I have URLs for as of January 21 1996:

Current Versions (3.0.0 or later)

Most of the recent conversions have search capability but only crude ASCII highlighting (they were generated from the info or ASCII versions).

Hans DeWolf's WWW Jargon File
This appears to be the best of the `rogue' conversions, except for the lack of search capability. Crossreference-to-URL translation was apparently done with a filter, and the results extensively hand-hacked (even including indexes to lists of entries deleted in various versions!)
The CNAM View
Searchable HTML, made from the info version, put together by two people at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers in Paris. Accepts Perl regular expressions. Version 3.2.0.
Arjan De Mes's View
Arjan De Mes <> did this version at the University of Amsterdam. It allows search on a conjunction of up to three keywords. Version 3.3.1.
University of Marburg conversion
Nice conversion of 3.0.0 on a German-language site (it's still English). I wasn't able to discover who did this one, but they've got a conversion script called jar2html that seems to do a pretty good job of generating HTML from the flat-text version.

Old Versions

These versions are out of date.

The Hyper-G Gateway
The lexicon part of the File (without the front matter or appendices) as captured by a search-and-indexing engine called "Hyper-G" at a university in Austria. I don't know for sure what version they captured, but it dates back to 1992 so it's probably 2.9.10.
The Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing borrowed a lot of Jargon File material, I'm not sure from which version.

Foreign Language Translations

Il Gergo Telematico
Maurizio Codogno's HTML translation into Italian of 3.0.0.
I know there are WAIS and other databases built from the Jargon File, but don't have those URLs. If you know of an interesting one, send me mail.
Eric S. Raymond <>