The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling

This book is available in lots of formats, courtesy of EFF (most of these files were copied from their archive). These are all derived from the Texinfo version. Each directory contains the unzipped file, and the archives directory has them all gzipped.

You can read The Hacker Crackdown in plain HTML if you like. I'm looking for a better version than this one though.

Format Directory Location Archive
TeX DVI tex-dvi/ archives/crackdown-1.2.dvi.gz
TeX DVI (US version) tex-dvi/ archives/crackdown-1.2-us.dvi.gz
GNU Info gnu-info/ archives/
HTML html/ archives/crackdown-1.2.html.tar.gz
Postscript postscript/ archives/
Postscript (US version) postscript/ archives/
Texinfo texinfo/ archives/crackdown-1.2.tar.gz
Plain text text/crackdown-1.2.txt archives/crackdown-1.2.txt.gz
Windows Help File windows-help/ archives/