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Mail size

Email is a convenient way to transfer information between people, including file attachments.  Understand, however, that email was not designed to transfer large files because it is a "store and forward" system.  That is, computers between our server and your machine may store your file before it is forwarded along to the next destination.  Very large files can be rejected by machines along the way, or simply rejected due to a lack of disk space at any stop.
Our mail server had some problems this morning when it ran out of space.  We are back running again, and the problem should not return because we have added considerably more storage.
Having said that, please keep your attachments "reasonable".  There is a 3 megabyte limit on mails that go through our server.  For anything larger than one meg, you should consider putting it in the /incoming directory of our ftp site.  If you need instructions on how to do that, contact support.
Remember also to set up your mail client to "remove messages from server".  This is usually the default setting.  There is currently no limit on to your server mailbox size, so messages will just accumulate there forever if your client is not configured to remove them.  Right now I don't think anyone is set up incorrectly, but it is a good fact to know.

Ken Clark