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New List in Town

There is a new List in town.  The name: salestalk@dieboldes.com.
All you Salesmen (and women, Salespersons, whatever) out there looking for a good time can show up here.
To subscribe:  Send a message with the following single line to majordomo@dieboldes.com
subscribe salestalk yourname@here.com
Yourname being your e-mail address.
Here being your email address, such as mike@dieboldes.com.
After you send your subscription away you will receive a notice of authentication.
Read the instructions, and send it back to Majordomo.
If you are still confused, you can call me (mike@dieboldes.com)
If you know of any sales people who are not currently on our announce list, please ask them to subscribe to that list as well so they can receive notices like this.