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GEMS 1.10.2

GEMS 1.10.2 is ready.  Password is "rawhvj5igxw42".  New in this release is central count performance improvements, support for rich voter group text, and support for AccuVote-TS 3.5.1.  If none of these features thrill you, you might opt to stick with 1.9.6 or 1.7.5, which have a few more miles on them.
The central count work is actually a cumulation of work started in January.  In preliminary testing in King County, the time required to fetch the oval positions for a new card has dropped from a worst case of more than a minute (the wait lock error) to less than half a second.  We wish Mike and Sophia good luck in the CC test this week.
Here's the readme:

1.10.2 Jun-8-99

  • Voter group editor now uses endorsement text defaults when generating the rich text.
  • Change download protocol for TS 3.5.1.

1.10.1 Jun-3-99

  • Automatically disable Race Editor vote-for field and reset it to 1 for straight party races.
  • Disallow running another instance of GEMS if an election with same identifier is already opened.
  • Added Ballot Layout options under AccuVote-TS setting box.
  • Added language and RTF support to Voter Group labels.
  • The Print Artwork dialog prints "proof only" as well as date and time for proof ballots.
  • The id field in the candidate list control of the Race Editor now displays correctly.
  • Added RaceRotationWithCards report.
  • Central count performance improvements.
  • Fix bug in central count where cards with the wrong election id were not being rejected. Support CC 2.00h protocol.
  • Added support for multi-line election title in the pre-election reports.
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