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TS 3.5.1

AccuVote-TS 3.5.1 is ready.  Password is "va3z8/tfiyqke".  This release requires GEMS 1.10.2.  Download from other GEMS releases will not work.  With this release, the short list of missing features gets shorter.  Most "normal" GEMS elections should now download correctly to the TS.  If you find a database that does not, please post a test cast to the bugtrack list.  We are proceeding on the bigger tasks of administrative interface cleanup and upload.
The readme was not posted for the 3.4.1 release, so here are both entries:

3.5.1 Jun-8-99

  • Requires GEMS 1.10.2.
  • Added smart card emulation dialog.
  • Added support for race rotation
  • Added support for split precincts.
  • Added support for greater than 255 candidates in the election.
  • Fixed problem with Audit Viewer when a trailing backslash is missing from the SysDir registry entry.

3.4.1 May-20-99

  • Requires GEMS 1.9.6
  • Added support for write-ins.
  • Added support for multiple languages.
  • Added support for straight party voting, and party names with candidates.
  • Added support for changing ballot style definition.
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