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AVTS 3.7.1

AVTS 3.7.1 is ready and the passwords are:
AVTS-3-7-1.zip "kgjv4axlp2.6k"
AVTSTemplate-3-7-1.zip "gje/bo.jnm4ho"
AVTSIS-3-7-1.zip and AVTSIS-NOMDAC-3-7-1.zip "iobg/k4jwoy4s"
AVTSIS-3-7-1.zip is what you will now get if you order AVTSIS on an Imation disk from McKinney.  It is a whopping 14MB, which is of course a royal pain to download.  The NOMDAC version, as you can probably guess, does not include the MDAC stuff, so it will be a lot smaller.  You need to have installed MDAC to use this version.  You can download MDAC separately from the ftp site if you like.
3.7.1 includes support for recall races and closed primaries, and by popular demand restores the System Total.  It does not yet fix the write-in upload problem reported earlier today.  3.7.1 should continue to work with GEMS 1.11.1.
The main reason for the release is so people can test out the new InstallShield.  Everyone responsible for the TS should do so.  It should solve all the installation problems people have been seeing regardless of what OS release you are running (95, 98, or NT).  MDAC 2.1 is not installed as part of the installation process if it is already installed on the machine.  The intent is to have Windows 98 installed with MDAC at the factory at some point.  For an explanation as to why we need to ship all of MDAC, refer to Microsoft's page on the subject.
Hats off to Whitman for putting this all together.

3.7.1 Jul-6-99

  • Restore ProtCounter and System Total from the user interface. (3.5.2).
  • Added support for GEMS style Recall Races.
  • Added support for Closed Primary Elections.