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GEMS 1.11.2

GEMS 1.11.2 is ready and the password is "nn2ecvobmjpju".
Here is the readme since 1.10.4

1.11.2 Jul-7-99

  • Fix bug uploading candidate counters (1.11.1).
  • Fix bug in adding second endorsement or preference race (1.5.1?).
  • Fixed spelling mistake in the pre-election report list.

1.11.1 Jun-29-99

  • Added regenerate election id button to Election Setup.
  • Fixed bug uploading on more than one port simultaneously (1.8.1)
  • Added endorsement text width option, and wrap candidate label checkbox to Ballot Option.
  • Changed the default Precinct Summary Report to not have Race Id checked.
  • Fix bug in setting race to recalled (1.5.1).