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AVTS 3.8.1 InstallShield package

AVTS 3.8.1 and its InstallShield package are ready.  The passwords are:
AVTS-3-8-1.zip "eqfnf9evu2qek"
AVTSTemplate-3-8-1.zip "9zzefbz9ctf/k"
AVTSIS-3-8-1.zip "dyncbkljmdvdu"
Here is the readme since 3.7.1


  • Fixed on clearing total where it will fail if no result files exists.
  • Clearing total will also backup the database file.
  • Download election will prompt user if the datase already exists.
  • Fix problem with incorrectly determining whether an election is a primary.
  • Re-download will clean up all database, result and audit files.