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RE: Virus Warning

Also please note than numerous other DESI associates have been infected.

Robert and I are both working on cleaning up the accounts we are each
responsible for.

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is for DESI associates to do
the following:
	a) Install McAfee
	b) Keep your McAfee virus definition files updated
	c) Ensure that your McAfee is configured to scan your emails and
email attachments
	d) Exercise common sense when downloading and installing
attachments from suspicious emails.

The infection we are seeing represents a failure do perform the above.
If you feel you are unable to perform the above, please call myself or

Take viruses seriously. This sort of incident is easily preventable.

If you are infected, notify myself or Robert McDonald promptly. I agree
with Robert that if you are unable to take prompt action, disconnect
yourself from the network until your machine is inoculated, and call one
of us.


Josh Gardner
Diebold Election Systems
604.261.6313 (o)
604.307.4801 (m)

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From: owner-announce@dieboldes.com [mailto:owner-announce@dieboldes.com]
On Behalf Of Robert McDonald
Sent: 07.11.2002 08:45
To: announce@gesn.com
Subject: Virus Warning

A virus has been sent from Robert Diekmann via BugReport.  The email
consist of the following:

Subject: April 8, 2002 Johnson
	Election totals from all of the 184 voting stations used for the
April 2nd election were both machine recounted and hand counted to
insure the new electronic election system provided accurate results.
The recount verified that all voters signing the poll book had their
votes counted.

Attachment: Verifies.com 40KB in size

All roaming users please ensure you have the latest McAfee update to
ensure the virus gets inoculated. If McAfee did not pick up the virus
when you received it in your inbox, please download the latest update
and run a manual scan on your system.  If you feel you have been
infected, please discontinue your connection to the internet and give me
a call in McKinney.

Virus Information: http://vil.mcafee.com/dispVirus.asp?virus_k=99199

Thank You
Robert McDonald
Diebold Election Systems