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FW: Virus - take this seriously

This virus problem is serious.  You must install the anti-virus software
that Robert requested several months ago.  As a company and also part of a
much larger corporation we do not have an option.

Non conformance with installing this anti-virus software or other IT
directives to protect our network can and will result in disciplinary action
up to and including termination.

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Sent: Friday, November 08, 2002 9:50 AM
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Subject: Virus - take this seriously

It is imperative that EVERYONE install the mcafee anti-virus software that
was distributed several months ago.  It is impossible for Josh or I to
travel to each remote users location to install this software and not
efficient for you to send us your machines,,so it is your duty to ensure it
is installed and functioning properly by using the CD we sent you and
consulting with us directly.  If you do not have or have mis-placed this
software then you have to give me a call in mckinney to arrange a delivery.

Virus's will not be taken lightly and priviledges will be taken away if
standard precautionary measures are not taken.

If you receive an email that in any way requires you to install absolutely
anything, then you ARE NOT to view that email,,you are to delete it.  If an
email is suspicious in any way, AT ALL, then don't go forth with looking at
it until you have consulted the person who sent it or someone who can
diagnose it for you( i.e. Josh Gardner and I ).

The "FriendGreeting" email that has taken our remote users by storm is to be
handled in the below way:

1.) Start -> Setting -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs
2.) Remove "WinSrv Reg".
3.) Ensure you are running the latest McAfee updates and then run a full
scan on your machine(c:\)

If you have absolutely any question at all give Josh or me a call.

Virus Info:

Thank You,
Robert McDonald
Diebold Election Systems