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Endorsement races and partisan ballots

Endorsement races
An election is defined with one report precinct, three partisan voter groups (Republican, Democrat, Libertarian) as well as a polling voter group.  Three jurisdiction-wide races are defined:
  • a endorsement race with the three partisan voter groups
  • a non-endorsed question
  • an endorsed precinct committee race linked to the polling voter group, with three endorsed candidates
Two ballot styles are created:  one correctly contains the endorsement race, the question and the precinct committee race, and the other contains the endorsement race and question.   
Or create a closed primary with a straight party race, right?
 Should GEMS be able to distinguish that question responses are non-endorseable? 
Questions are treated like any candidate race.  In fact, you can endorse "yes" if you want.
Perhaps you are suggesting that we should not allow a race to have an endorsement controlling race unless there are endorsed candidates in the race?  I suppose we could do that, but I don't really see why we would want to.  There is nothing paticularly "wrong" with assigning an endorsement race with no endorsed candidates.  Its just a strange thing to do.
Consider the same election, without the question.  Two ballot styles are created, one correctly containing the endorsement and precinct committee races, the other one erroneously containing the endorsement race only.
I believe this is the same as saying:
Create an election with exactly one race, an endorsement race.  Generate ballots.  GEMS erroneously creates a ballot with that race on it.
We could add a feature to GEMS to not put the endorsement race on the ballot if there are no races that use that endorsement race.  If we find a jurisdiction which has this condition, we will consider it.  After considering it, we will probably conclude it is easier to not print that card.