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Excluding controlling races

An election is created with two report precincts, one in district 10 and the other in district 20, as well as three partisan voter groups.  Three races are defined:
  • a jurisdiction wide preference race with three voter groups
  • a non-endorsed, non-preferential candidacy held in district 10 with three non-endorsed candidates
  • a jurisdiction-wide, non-endorsed, non-preferential question
Two ballot styles are created, one with the preference race and question and the other with the preference race, candidacy and question.  Neither the candidacy or question are partisan, and yet the preference race occurs on both ballot styles.
I should have read this one before posting on the endorsement section.  Both can be rephrased as:
Controlling races (endorsement, preference, and probably recall) should be excluded from those ballots that have no races that can use them.
Perhaps when we find an election that could use it.  We actually have a similar problem.  Controlling races should appear multiple times in the case that a set of controlled races spans multiple cards.