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AVTS Double clicking start button

Larry sent the developers the following bug report:
Hi Guys:  We apparently experienced several incidents (exact number not known) in Gaston where the voter "double clicked" or held their finger on the START BUTTON too long.  According to those on site, when this happens it actually records a vote for a candidate position (?????).  How that happens is certainly a mystery to me, but the operatives says it happens
I don't have the gaston database in front of me, but I assume there is some voting position right under the start button on the first page.  I tried it with the Lake database that doesn't have anything under the start button and everything was okay.
I suppose the question comes down to timing (a double click becomes just a very fast voter at some point).  I guess we should filter out clicks on the first page that are inside the "start" box for a 500-1000ms or so.
I'll put it on the devel list, but there are a few more fundamental problems in the queue right now.  If people think this is going to be a really big problem follow up and I will adjust the priority.