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RE: AccuVote-TS - Version 3.5.1

> Here are a couple of bugs that I have found so far:
> 1) [...] Write-In name
> 2) [...] Write-In line

Hmm.  I had assumed readiness testing used the same code as election day.
Apparently not.  That makes the readiness testing feature fairly useless.  I
will look into what is causing the write-in misbehavior (the two items must
be related), but I am actually more concerned about why readiness testing
didn't show the problem.  That is the whole point of readiness testing.

> 3) the correct name appears for
> Poll Book when I create the cards, but only Precinct 2 appears at
> the bottom of the screen for either split.

This one is easy.  Tab, please change this to use the base precinct label,
not the report precinct.

> 4) If there
> is no Base Precincts for a Reporting Precinct, then there should
> not be another window appearing under the Reporting Precinct with
> the same name for Base Precinct.

Actually, it is *one* base precinct for the report precinct, but I get the

> This is confusing to the end user.

Indeed.  The intent is to eliminate the selection of precincts in the
reporting module outright (like the AccuVote), so this will not be a problem