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Gems (Version 1-10-3) & AccuVote-TS (Version 3-5-2)

On the AccuVote-TS: 1) Why did we take out the System Total - this is useful to the customer for maintenance purposes, and I don't know if it is a requirement by FEC??  2) Why did we take out Counter Check - this helps verify if there has been some sort change or error between the main drive and secondary drive??  3) When I go to transfer results, All the Reporting Units are highlighted and I am not able to Select or Change to individual Reporting Units.

In Gems: 1) After printing and then transferring totals to Gems, the totals coming from the TS are correct, but there are no totals for Candidates in both the Summary and SOVC reports in Gems.  However, the totals for Ballots Cast are correct.

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems
Omaha, NE