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fatal error in AVTS3-6-1

I loaded IS 3-6-1  cabled and installed network for downloading -  downloaded election and voted some .  I inadvertantly  ended the election .  then I deleted the election folders (my election)  off of C and A  and downloaded from Gems the same election -  it downloaded   and then when I hit start election - " ballot station experiend a fatal error. See the electionofficial" and   clicking ok  put me back to restart . Accessing the poll book the election  was there ready to program voter cards but going to ballot station and trying to start election produced same fatal error.  I am wondering if it was caused by ending election and then downloading the same one again.
I have uninstalled AVTS3-6-1 from the remove programs menu and will reinstall tomorrow - 
Let me know what I have done to create this
Tari (who else?)