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RE: fatal error in AVTS3-6-1

I loaded IS 3-6-1  cabled and installed network for downloading -  downloaded election and voted some .  I inadvertantly  ended the election .  then I deleted the election folders (my election)  off of C and A  and downloaded from Gems the same election
Clearing out elections manually takes a number of steps.  You need to delete the My Election folder out of A:, C:, and D:.  You also need to go into regedit and change "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Global Election Systems\AccuVote-TS\Electronic Ballot Station\Election Name" to a blank string.
You shouldn't ever have to do any of this.  You should be able to end the election, and then re-download the same (or different) election again.
 -  it downloaded   and then when I hit start election - " ballot station experiend a fatal error. See the electionofficial" and   clicking ok  put me back to restart . 
Whenever this happens, you need to take a look at the error log, and then report what the last error was.  You can use the audit viewer app, or just open the .err file with an editor.
 Accessing the poll book the election  was there ready to program voter cards but going to ballot station and trying to start election produced same fatal error.  I am wondering if it was caused by ending election and then downloading the same one again.
It shouldn't.  Whitman, please make sure re-downloading still works in 3.6.1 as a precaution.