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RE: AVTS - Version 3-9-1

> One fits OK, but the other I get the
> error on the screen of The issue through considerations is larger
> than a column.  In the old I-Mark software, large questions were
> able to wrap through columns, but not throught pages.  I believe
> this is the only obstacle I have to be able to do the demonstration.

The old I-Mark software did not use rich text.  When Tom converted over to
RTF, splitting broke.  It is not trivial to split RTF.  Remember not all
lines are the same height (consider multiple fonts and images), so you can't
just cut off at the bottom and start again on the next column -- you have to
find the line to break at.  Suffice to say it won't happen for Tuesday.

I think the long term solution will be the same as paper.  We don't ever
split the text when laying out paper -- the solution is to use a wider race.
In the worse case, huge referendum text might take up the whole screen on
the TS.

Unfortunately, the current TS code was never designed with this kind of
flexibility in mind.  We will implement race headers for the TS fairly soon.
If we can't support different race widths with the TS cleanly, we'll
probably fall back to breaking long text into multiple preceding headers.
People sometimes use this trick for paper too.