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TS and multiple cards

GEMS currently stores counters for voter turnout based on the number of Cards, not Ballots.  This is because the AccuVote is not really aware of the groupings of cards that make up a ballot for a voter;  the best it can do is count the pieces of paper it sees and report that.  The TS, conversely, has complete knowledge of the Ballots, but has no idea about Cards.
Right now we just upload the Ballot Ids, and pretend they are Card Ids.  This works fine when there is one card per ballot, but falls apart otherwise.  Even if you don't have any intention of printing artwork, you must lay out the election such that all ballots have only one card.  If you don't do this, the voter turnout figures will be incorrect, although race and candidate totals will be okay.
The new upload protocol we are working on that will support challenge and write-ins will also support proper ballot quantities.  Until then, make sure your ballots have only one card.