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GEMS 1-11-2 cancel download crash


I am not sure if this bug has been reported yet -- if it was please let me know.  In version 1.11.2, selecting the cancel button of the download dialog causes GEMS to crash.  The real bug is that the cancel button is there at all -- if you look at the upload dialog you will only see a "Close" button.  I am not sure when this bug was introduced, but it has been there for a while.  The work around is easy -- don't cancel the dialog, click OK instead.  As such, the bug is not that serious, but users should be informed.

Mike Brown had an otherwise great election in Tuscon AZ last night, except when they went to burn a new memory card.  Users should be warned about this bug so they don't crash their system election night, and should upgrade if they are concerned about the possibility.  I still not clear on the mechanism by which this happens.

We will do a 1.11.4 release to address this bug and some other stuff shortly.