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Re: 195 anoka .abo file


  We had an out-of-date 1.95 Accu-Basic compiler sitting on Galileo that I inadvertently used to compile the changes to the Anoka report.  I updated it and now it works fine.  Sorry about the delay.  I've updated ftp://ftp.dieboldes.com/pub/GEMSFix/195anoka.zip .


Sorry to have to report further problems.  When downloading memory cards using the new .abo, the Accu-Vote display gives the message "REPORT FAILURE PRESS ANY BUTTON".  The first four lines of the memory card label print successfully (including showing the correct date), and when "ANY BUTTON" is pushed, "syntax error" prints on the fifth line.  The GEMS Program Memory Cards dialogue box shows that the Vote Center has successfully downloaded on the Vote Centers Tab.  I have not tested these memory cards to determine if they are successfully programmed, would you like me to?  It might be difficult, Ken's BOD printer is on the fritz.  For what it's worth, I have confirmed that the report version chosen under AccuVote Options in GEMS is 195 Anoka and the ROM version chosen is 1.95.  The Accu-Vote has 1.95d ROMS installed in it.  Both Steve Ricke and I have confirmed this behavior using separate databases.