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Cumulative memory card not reading ballots with Prec id's- 1-11-2

A) db has 19 precincts - precint ids - set up AB counter group Cum report only -
set up Cum Reportunit - with all 19 precincts -  set up AB vote center with Cum reportuit in it -  ballots won't read on AB card - get" wrong pct Id "
downloaded VC for Pre 1 ballots read fine
B)  changed Cum reportunit to have Use Card ids in Counter group - redownloaded AB  MC - same message - wrong Pct Id
C) so back to Cum Counter group - unchecked Cum resulets and use pct card id's
created AB vote center and dragged all 19 precincts into it - 
now ballots will read
Question -  Why won't ballots read on Cum Vote Center card in A  or B  - have always read before -  whether Seq ids or Prec Ids
Is there something wrong with the way I set up Counter group?