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RE: AVTS-3-10-4 & El Paso, TX

> Ok, I turned off the button in Language for Accu-Vote TS for the default
> language.  That works great for not having the English-Spanish
> button show
> up on the AVTS unit, however, now I do not get the Election title on the
> Admin Screen or the Voter Screen.  Also, when the screen comes up for
> choosing the Language, there is no default set so both the Start
> button is
> blank and the line stating which language the Ballot Station is in.

Hmmm; right.  Sounds like the TS gets the "default language" wrong in some
places when it is not language 0.  I'll take a look at this.

There is however the question of how to define the default language in GEMS.
I had initially just assumed that the first language would suffice, but of
course that language might not be downloaded to the TS.  Damn.

I guess we need a "TS Default" selection in the Language dialog.  I don't
want to change the GEMS DB format or download protocol just yet, so I'll use
the 1033 language for now.  This isn't going to be popular in some parts of
the world though.  The selection box will be in the next major release.