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RE: AVTS-3-10-4 & El Paso, TX

> > Ok, I turned off the button in Language for Accu-Vote TS for the default
> > language.  That works great for not having the English-Spanish
> > button show
> > up on the AVTS unit, however, now I do not get the Election title on the
> > Admin Screen or the Voter Screen.  Also, when the screen comes up for
> > choosing the Language, there is no default set so both the Start
> > button is
> > blank and the line stating which language the Ballot Station is in.
> Hmmm; right.  Sounds like the TS gets the "default language" wrong in some
> places when it is not language 0.  I'll take a look at this.

This is fixed and will be in TS 3.10.5.  We do the release later today.
Jeff, if you would like a pre-release for testing sooner, let me know.  We
are just holding off on the official release until the Win95 Lost DSR
problem is also fixed.