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Error loading MDAC from 3.10.4 Install-Shield

After successfully loading DCOM, but right near the end of loading 3.10.4 MDAC from the onto a fresh Win98 (2nd Edition) unit, I experienced the following error:
Microsoft Data Access 2.1
Extracting file failed.  It is most likely caused by low memory (low disk space for swapping file) or corrupted cabinet file.
If you click OK, the system asks you to restart the computer.  After restart, the system boots into windows and just sits there trying to look for a file on the CD. 
I've checked the system icon in control panel.  The system memory is 32MB.  The virtual memory is being managed by windows (as recommended).  System resources appear fine (86%).  I haven't a clue what a cabinet file is. 
This has happened on two separate computers.  I've even re-install windows twice on one computer with the same error coming up.
After a third re-installation of Windows 98, I've installed 3.9.5 without any problems.  After that I can uninstall 3.9.5 AV-TS files, leaving the DCOM and MDAC behind, and install 3.10.4 to upgrade the AV-TS PollBook software.  Then I create the PrintReverse entry (see my other bug report), and Voila!, I've now upgraded a computer to 3.10.4 PollBook.  This seems to be my only upgrade path right now.
Can you make it just a little easier?  I got 42 more to do on Friday.