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Re: Voter Group selection in Header Options screen

Bad news, everyone.  Georgia law says that absentee ballots have to have a different "Official Ballot" header from polling ballots; in effect, a different card needs to be generated for polling and absentee voters even though the races are the same and unrotated.  So this fix of the Voter Group selection in the Header Options screen (as well as the fix of the bug in the generation of the separate ballots by associating each header with a different voter group - see Ken's Bugtrack e-mail entitled "Voter Group Header assignment for generation of separate ballots" dated Oct. 7) needs to be a part of whatever GEMS release is certified for use in Georgia.  Georgia will certify whatever is certified by Nichols.  They are also one of those states whose State Board of Elections is a stickler for using the "certified release" and nothing else (rather like Florida although not quite as fascistic about it).  Gwinnett County was here for training last week and I didn't even show them how to upgrade off the FTP site.  If this fix will be in "the next GEMS release", then "the next GEMS release" should be the one going to Nichols for certification.  Sorry to have to drop this one, but them's the facts.  If anyone has a better idea how to get around this certification issue (not at all unlikely), speak up.  Gwinnett has been trained on GEMS even though it's not yet certified based upon the premise that it will be certified by the time they implement.  Gwinnett expects to begin absentee voting for their Presidential Preference Primary on January 20.  Most of the rest of Georgia's counties probably don't care whether they're using a certified release or not (Chatham County doesn't even generate separate ballots for polling and absentee in disregard or ignorance of that provision in the law), but Gwinnett's Supervisor of Elections, Norma Lyons, used to work for the State Board of Elections and knows the law very well and expects to follow it.  For what it's worth...
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Date: Thursday, October 07, 1999 11:51 AM
Subject: Re: Voter Group selection in Header Options screen

This is now fixed and will be in the next GEMS release.
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Subject: Voter Group selection in Header Options screen

When trying to associate a header with a particular voter group, the drop-down options for Voter Group 1 list Parties and Absentee/Non-Absentee Voter Groups in a single list.  The same is true for the drop-down for Voter Group 2.  This behavior was noted in GEMS 1.11.2 and 1.11.5