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RE: gems 1-13-3 cards cast report /precinct summary report

shouldn't the TS ballots show up as cards cast on the report?  They do not and maybe I am misinformed as I thought if they showed on the results they would show on the cards cast report as well. 
The cards cast will need some modification to accommodate the TS.  The TS operates on GEMS ballots, not cards.  Cards are the paper representation of a ballot (think multi-card ballots).  There are no cards on the TS. 
Having said that, I thought that the Summary and SOVC reports would do the right thing.  I'll try to find out what is going on with the summary in particular.
also -  if you check the #Vote for and you have a race label that is 30 characters (or wraps to the next line)  the # to Vote for is not listed for that race -  can we add an additional line to the summary report so we can accomodate long race labels that have more than a Vote for 1?
I'll see what we can do.