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error saving multicard ballots w/ common plates (RE: puerto rico database)

After making changes to the Card Styles, and then when I attempted to save those changes, I would get an "enternal error" box.
I would say OK.  I would then attempt to save changes again and get the same error.  On the third attempt, when the dialog box would
appear and ask to save changes, I would say no, but the changes were saved.
This sounds related to the bug posted by Jeff: "Gems -".  I assume its the same database?  The problem has to do with multicard ballots sharing a plate -- in this case the back.  I am looking into it.  In the mean time, Tab posted a work around in response to Jeff's report earlier.
PS:  Nice to see that the title of first bug report since my "mailing list policy post" remains competely devoid of meaning.  I look forward to the upcoming bug report "puerto rico database -- different than last one".