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RE: Washtenaw Import Problems

Thanks Tab.  I will follow up with the Client.



Mike Brown

1611 Wilmeth Road

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From: Talbot Iredale [mailto:tiredale@dieboldes.com]
Sent: Friday, January 07, 2000 3:42 PM
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    I have fixed the GEMS-1-11-x import to handle the large RTF data that is being imported here. This will be in the next GEMS-1-11-x release.


    Problems with the file are:

         Election Date format is "mm/dd/yyyy" not "yyyy/mm/dd".

         The VCenter/Reportunit/Baseunit records need one more field that is the number of registered voters

         The Ballot Text data no longer wants the length field before the data.

Attached is the file that does import into GEMS.


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From: Mike Brown

To: support@dieboldes.com

Sent: Friday, December 24, 1999 4:44 AM

Subject: Washtenaw Import Problems


Tried Importing  the File Mi81pp3.asc.  Errors Occurded.

       Duplicate base unit - Error.  : I removed one Base Precinct at a time, then imported again, till all were removed. Errors Repeated.

       Duplicate Candidate Export IDs : I removing one at a time then imported again, till all were removed.  Errors repeated.

       I noticed that the error landed always on the second Base Precinct in the list, as well as the second Candidate in the list.

The password for this elections is vote.